Stens X0780 Xtreme PTO Clutch Ogura GT1A-JD10 (DS X0780 )

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Xtreme PTO Clutch
Ogura GT1A-JD10
  • OguraGT1A-JD10
  • Cool Coil Technology
  • Does not fit all applications - Verify part number by referring to model specifications
  • High Temperature Bearing Upgrade
  • Integrated Water Tight Wire Harness
  • Replaceable Pulley Bearing
  • Super Smooth "Xtreme Precision" Machined Pulley
  • To prevent premature clutch failure, follow the instruction sheet included with the clutch
  • Belt Width1/2" or 5/8"
  • ID1"
  • Pulley Diameter5 5/16"
  • Rotation DirectionCounter Clockwise