John Deere Commercial Z900 Series (Except Z997) Z-Glide

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ZGlide for Commercial John Deere Mowers Feature:

  • Patented front suspension fork kit for John Deere commercial mowers;
  • Direct replacement for OEM front forks to improve operator comfort without reducing the quality of cut;
  • American-made suspension forks use torsion technology to provide a fully integrated in-fork suspension that reduces vibrations and bouncing associated with machine operation on rough or uneven terrain;
  • ZGlide Suspension can be installed in less than an hour with basic hand tools

This model does NOT fit Z997 models.


Fits 25 Mower Models:

Fits 25 Mower Models:
  • Z710A
  • Z720A
  • Z910A
  • Z915B
  • Z915E
  • Z920A
  • Z920M
  • Z920R
  • Z925A
  • Z925M
  • Z930A
  • Z930M
  • Z930R
  • Z945M
  • Z950A
  • Z950M
  • Z950R
  • Z955M
  • Z960A
  • Z960M
  • Z960R
  • Z970A
  • Z970R
  • Z994

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